Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Dieser Blog ist tot. Ich blogge weiter auf dem «Agile Trail».

Pecha Kucha Guide

Pecha Kucha in Japanese

I happened to organize a few Pecha Kucha events (German) in the last years. Also I did present a few topics in the Pecha Kucha style (German). In a few weeks I will be host of another Pecha Kucha session at the Agile 2011 conference in Salt Lake City, together with Martin Heider, which is roughly a replay of last years quite successful Pecha Kucha event at XP 2010 conference in Trondheim.

Whenever we invite participants to share their memes with the audience in a 20-times-20-style, we send them a few words for their preparation. We gathered feedback in the last two years about those words, and it turns out that they were quite helpful to a lot of people. We also improved them over time, and now we want to share them with a broader audience.

Please download this two page PDF called "Helpful Things to Know About Pecha Kucha" (151 KB).

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